Vincent Dunoyer [BE]



09.02 – 10.02.2010

The title of Vincent Dunoyer’s latest work is Encore, and in French this also sounds like ‘en corps’, literally meaning ‘in the body’. Vincent Dunoyer is interested not only in movement itself, but in how movements are handed on and change depending on the body, the story, time and the context.

In developing his repertoire as a dancer, Dunoyer has worked with such choreographers as Steve Paxton, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Wim Vandekeybus and Raimund Hoghe. In Encore he has this work danced by five other dancers, which is a double change of role: five young dancers take over Dunoyer’s role as a dancer, while Dunoyer takes on the role of choreographer. By reorganising this dance material in time and space, his aim is to create new, unexpected poetic associations.

- ‘The Memory of the Body’: 10/2, 22:00

Vincent Dunoyer began his career as a dancer in 1989, with Wim Vandekeybus. From 1990 to 1996 he was a member of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker’s dance company, Rosas. In 1997 he went on an international tour with 3 Solos for Vincent, three solo performances choreographed for him by The Wooster Group, Steve Paxton and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Since 1998 Vincent Dunoyer has worked as a freelance dancer and choreographer. He created Etude #31 (1991), for which he received the Mouson Award from the Mousonturm arts centre in Frankfurt, The Princess Project (2001), Solos for Others (2003), Cadavre Exquis (2005) and Sister (2007), a duet with Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker.

concept, choreography Vincent Dunoyer | performers Eva Baumann, Helena Golab, Veli Lehtovaara, Tuur Marinus, Guillem Mont de Palol | choreographic material Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Etienne Guilloteau, Raimund Hoghe, Steve Paxton, Wim Vandekeybus | costumes Ane-Catherine Kunz | light design Hans Meijer | production Mokum vzw | co-production Kaaitheater, PACT Zollverein, Dans in Limburg | in association with Rosas | support Vlaamse Gemeenschap