Space rental

The distillery of the old lambic brewery L'Étoile – now Kaaistudio's – in the heart of Brussels has long acted as a laboratory for Kaaitheater and its partners, a place where makers of all generations reside, create and present.

The concert studio covers 100 m2 with an massive ceiling height of 6.7 metres and an overhead light intake. The wooden floor and brick walls gives it excellent acoustics and this space lends itself to numerous activities, from meetings to receptions and company parties. Next to the concert studio is a foyer with a bar and a terrace, which can also be rented.

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The concert studio can be used as:
• Lecture, meeting or conference room
• Projection room or cinema room
• Rehearsal room
• Reception room

Arranged with rows for panel discussion: maximum 50 people
Arranged for meeting: maximum 30 people
Arranged for reception: maximum 136 people (concert studio + bar)