Angélica Liddell/Atra Bilis Teatro [ES]



19.03 – 20.03.2016

God is silent

With Tandy, we will be welcoming Angélica Liddell to the Kaaitheater for the first time. Tandy is a story from Winesburg, Ohio (1919) by the American writer Sherwood Anderson, a high point of modern American literature. The seven-year-old girl Tandy adopts this name after a passer-by tells her to: ‘Be Tandy! Be brave and strong, and dare to be loved.’ What consequences does this have for the girl’s later life?’

Angélica Liddell describes Tandy as a tale about love and the illusions of love, about the quarrelsome dialogue between body and mind, science and mystery. And especially about the obdurate silence that we are met with when we ask God a question.

• The Spanish theatre-maker, writer and performer Angélica Liddell set up her company Atra Bilis (‘black bile’) in 1993. Her international breakthrough followed in 2010 at the Festival of Agivnon. Because of her intensely visual theatrical language, she has been described as the female Rodrigo Garcia, the other big name in Spanish avant-garde theatre. Black humour, exploring the limits of her own body, an outspoken political agenda and religious symbolism all have a prominent place in her work.

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set design, costumes and direction Angélica Liddell | text Angélica Liddell, inspired by the novel Winesburg, Ohio (1919) by Sherwood Anderson | with Leonor Caso, Fabián Augusto, Lola Jiménez, Angélica Liddell and Sindo Puche | music ensemble Zefiro Torna: Annelies Van Grambergen (sopraan), Mathis Van Cleynenbreugel (tenor), Korneel Van Neste (tenor), Léonard Schneider (bas), Jurgen De Bruyn (theorbe & artistieke leiding) | with the collaboration of Bruce Campbell, David Trembla, Frank Schlömer, Hein Van den Brempt, Herman Gysen, Jan De Hing, Lieven Ral, Luk Van Malder | translation text Winesburg, Ohio: Miguel Temprano García, © 2009 by Quaderns Crema, S.A.U. all rights reserved | French translation Christilla Vasserot | set Trasto Decorados | lighting Carlos Marquerie | sound Antonio Navarro | light technician Octavio Gómez | stage manager África Rodríguez | technical director Marc Bartoló | production assistant and logistics Mamen Adeva | production manager Gumersindo Puche | production Iaquinandi, S.L. | co-production Berliner Festspiele/Foreign Affairs, Temporada Alta 2014 / El Canal centre d´art escèniques Salt/Girona | support Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte – INAEM. | collaboration Teatros del Canal (Madrid) | performances in Brussels supported by Instituto Cervantes | many thanks to Patsy Hoffman and Peach

No animals are hurt during this performance.