Ivo Dimchev [BG]

SCULPTURES a music album presentation with unpretentious choreography



In 2016, Ivo Dimchev performed one of his renowned live concerts at the Kaaistudios: 15 songs from my shows. His sense of musicality and exceptional voice have always been central to his performances, but over the last two years he has definitively chosen the path of music. At the Kaaitheater, he is presenting a live and danced version of his first studio album, Sculptures. Dimchev considers the sounds he produces to be three-dimensional structures that he can manipulate with his whole body. He thinks of them as ‘sculptures’. His breath-taking voice brings the dark poetry of his texts to the fore and ensures a terrifying and deeply moving experience.

• Ivo Dimchev's work is an extreme and colourful mix of performance art, dance, theatre, music, drawings, and photography. He presented almost all of his performances in the Kaaitheater programme. From 2013 until 2017, he was one of our artists-in-residence.

‘I’m bored of singing behind a microphone,
though I like it, I love the restriction of it...
I like the oppression of it, but it's time to revisit the Madonna format.
She failed in it… I saw it at Madison Square Garden… She overloaded it.
We'll do less, more quiet, more kind to the eyes… more loving.’


‘Animalistic one moment, delicate the next, Ivo Dimchev meshes darkness and lightness with verbal and physical dexterity.’ – The New York Times

‘Dimchev’s beautiful singing sounds like a voice on an old record: poignantly far away.’ – Financial Times

text & music Ivo Dimchev | music production Georgy Linev, Ivo Dimchev & others | choreography Ivo Dimchev | performed by Ivo Dimchev, Helena Araujo, Jaskaran Singh Anand, Jordan des Champs, Pauline Stöhr | piano Dimitar Gorchakov | cello Justin Kantor