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Rest in Joy


We warmly welcome you to the second day of the JOY edition of TiNWwP. We offer a kind reception of your soul to come as you are, and to just be with us. 
We are dedicating this second part to a moment of collective fragments and manifestations called Rest in Joy with artistic installations, meditations, our Tears of Joy and a Pleasure Portal Group Hypnosis.

Our proposition is to slow down, catch our breath and experience collective rest, each in our own way. We invite people who inspire us, who weave in a collective and affectionate way a fabric that we feel is important to highlight. 
Welcome to this cosy and comfortable scenery created by the invited artists to facilitate your body to release, let go and rest. With hypnotic, meditative and artistic propositions by Kwiheba, Rita Habib, Julia E. Dyck and others. 

Let’s Rest in Joy together.

★彡Rest in Joy彡 

15:00 - 20:00 Inner peace is political - ONGOING INSTALLATION by Rita Habib 
15:00 - 16:30 Nos larmes de Joie - PERFORMANCE & COLLECTIVE SUSPENDED MOMENT by Kwiheba
17:00 - 18:00 Pleasure Portal Group Hypnosis by Julia E. Dyck
18:00 - 20:00 Collectif care circle with special infusion and hand massage workshop by Val (Getoffmybroom & Back2soilbasics)


15:00 > 20:00 - installation
Rita Maria Habib
Inner peace is political

Rita Maria Habib connects to her memories to find joy. She asks herself what connects her to her culture in a positive way. Whether it's the memory of bathing in the Mediterranean Sea or the flavours of her ancestral land, these elements are present in her creations. He tries to reconcile opposites and embellish pain to transform it into something positive. The theme of this exhibition is water, the source in every sense of the word. What does joy look like in a world that tries to trivialise it? Can it honestly exist in a society that tries to deprive us of it? Is there any place, even within ourselves, where we can recharge our batteries?
• Since graduating in video, Rita Maria Habib has been working on a number of committed Brussels art projects. She is also an ND, queer, Lebanese and multidisciplinary artist who expresses herself through drawing, collage and text. She draws her inspiration from moments of pause and contemplation, inner feelings and memories. Through her creations, she questions and stages the possibility of a different world within our society, one that already exists through our experiences.

15:00 > 16:30 - performance & collective moment
Nos Larmes de Joie

We are rarely given the opportunity to collectivize our tears, our laughter, our vulnerabilities. Our actions are conditioned by what we must or must not do. Our tears of joy are conceived as a sanctuary, an invitation to inner peace. A place where we can connect through silence and words. A place of joy too. This multi-faceted performance begins as a collective work, then is carried by Kwiheba in a dance ritual inspired by the Intore (a Rwandan warrior dance).
• As a child, Clauvis Uwonkunda or KWIHEBA had a very pessimistic outlook on the world. War, misery and death were concepts that pained me to the core of his heart. He therefore indulged himself in his deepest fantasies in an attempt to escape these feelings. But as time passed he realized that imagination is the key to his salvation, the sword and the shield against despair. He tries to reflect and heal through paintings, drawings, words, rituals and many other disciplines.


17:00 > 18:00
Julia E. Dyck
Pleasure Portal Group Hypnosis

A group hypnosis session inviting you to access the power of the trance state and the potential of the subconscious mind to cultivate and speculate worlds of pleasure and fulfilment. This experience combines the practice of hypnotherapy with the synergy of voice, electronics, and resonant instruments. In this deep relaxed state, a hypnotic narrative and live soundscape will bring you on an odyssey through the theatre of your own mind and open the portals of possibility.
Julia E. Dyck is an artist and hypnotist whose relational and speculative practice explores the possible connections between the body, (sub)consciousness & technology through performance, composition, installation and transmission. By offering services and acts of care, Dyck creates spaces, situations, and experiences of transformation.

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