Barbara Raes / Beyond the Spoken [BE] PRESENTED BY KAAITHEATER



22.03 – 23.03.2019

Hoe gaan we vandaag om met rouw en verlies? Het leven is een aaneenschakeling van kantelmomenten, kleinere en grotere positieve en negatieve schakelingen die je onvermijdelijk veranderen. Het dalende belang van traditionele rituelen om transitiemomenten te beleven, leidt tot een zoektocht naar alternatieven. Daarom creëerde Barbara Raes een werkplaats voor niet erkend verlies: Beyond the Spoken. In de Kaaistudio’s zal ze haar praktijk delen, samen met zes kunstenaars met zeer verschillende culturele achtergronden die zich allen begeven in het gebied tussen kunst en ritueel.

Rituals for Unacknowledged Loss:

Bilal Alnouri SY/B
Gabino Rodriguez MX
Jassem Hindi SA/DE
Leonardo Delogu IT
Melih Gençboyaci TR/NL
Mieko Suzuki JP/DE

Food artist:

Barbara Prada

At A Crossroad Where Things Happen

Fri & Sat | theatre hall | 20:15 > 23:00

Conceived as a ritual about nomadism and about the loss of our nomadic origin, the Italian artist Leonardo Delogu invites the audience into a trip that start from his childhood, passing through his artistic practice till the experience of being lost together into the darkness of the city. The ritual is composed of three parts: a talk, a walk, and a final moment of discussion. Comfortable shoes are recommended.

Laundry of Legends

Fri & Sat | nr. 83 groundfloor | 19:15, 19:45, 20:15, 20:45, 21:15, 21:45 [10 person capacity]

Infinite Feedback
Fri & Sat | dance studio | 19:00 > ...

A microphone hanging from the ceiling and eight speakers arranged in a circle cause an infinite feedback. The sounds are haunting each other and reflect the surrounding acoustics of the space. This ritual is a reflection on the circle of life, the experience of death and potential afterlife.

Wake Up and Bloom

Fri & Sat | nr. 83 terrace | continuously, entry one by one

The ritual is a ritual for sudden loss of 32 people and 32% of our bee population. This ritual is here to commemorate our needed vitality, togetherness and care.


Fri | backstage | 20:15 > ... (continuously) 

How determined are we by our origin? To what extent do the body, the name, sex, social class, genetics and ideology constitute us? To what extent does identification with a group or with a cause make us us? Is it possible to lose identity? What makes me me and not another? This year I am going to change my name, and with this change I will finish one part of my life and start another. I will be another. This moment is the beginning of a farewell.

Let's Say There Are A Hundred Thousand
Sat | stable | 13:00 > 00:00 (continuously)

"A child said, ‘What is the grass?’, fetching it to me with full hands.
How could I answer the child?... I do not know.
What it is any more than he.”

The Embasssy of Future Citizenschip

Fri & Sat | Penthouse | 19:30, 21:00, 22:30 | 1H, each ritual slot accommodates five participants.

The Embasssy of Future Citizenschip as a performative curatorial project, opens up a space in which to envision and exercise alternative futures for citizenship. It is a refuge for outsiders, aliens, and citizens that are no longer represented. The social and political struggles over citizenship have reached a new intensity with the global movements and flows of capital, labour, and people. Through multilateral statements, declarations, and international manifestos, the states and non-governmental organizations implicate — or fail to implicate — their members in a web of rights and responsibilities concerning environment, trade, security, refugees, crime, minorities, sexuality, war, children, and spirituality. These texts describe a territory of inclusion and a mode of belonging. They produce new borders as well as new identities for living inside them, to be internalized by minute embodiments. The Embassy of Future Citizenship examines this process by providing a transformative space for participants to challenge this textual production of citizenship.

Recapitulations Space

Fri & Sat | concert studio | ongoing

This work is inspired on a old shamanic liturgy called the recapitulation ritual. The visitors are welcome to remember in detail lived events that they want to dissipate. This explosive holism between the narrators, the visitors and the edible memory containers will transform the scenario into a new specular light landscape, to which the visitors can always come back, gain clarity and vanish in it.

an initiative by Barbara Raes & Beyond the Spoken | in collaboration with workspacebrussels
special thanks to Kristin Verellen & We have the choice, Ann Weckx & TOPAZ, Barbara Prada