Hedwig Houben [NL/BE] presented by Kaaitheater

Imitator Being Made

Imitator Being Made
Imitator Being Made


Hedwig Houben introduceert drie gipsen personages: The Made, The Being en The Imitator. Hoe verhouden die zich tot elkaar? Wat is de werkelijke waarde van authenticiteit en orginialiteit? Leren we niet allemaal door te kopiëren van anderen?

• De Nederlandse kunstenares Hedwig Houben (°1983) leeft en werkt in Brussel. Ze studeerde af aan het HISK in Gent, en de Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Ze was in 2011 al te zien op Performatik, met de lecture-performance In Colour and Shapes.

‘What I want to show and talk about for now doesn’t have so much to do with the appearance of this particular object as such, but rather focuses on those things an object is generally possessed by, the thoughts and meanings that are preserved inside an object. My main focus point will be to gain more insight into that which underlies and determines an object, which is normally difficult to perceive clearly, but in the end does affect our relationship with objects and things, and the way we deal with them on a daily basis. This plaster object will serve as a tool that helps to illustrate my findings and make them become tangible.’ – HEDWIG HOUBEN

Imitator Being Made, 2015 | courtesy of Galerie Fons Welters

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