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In the night of 16-17 May 2018, Mawda, a two-year-old girl, was shot dead by a police officer on the highway near Mons. At the trial that started in Mons on 23 November 2020, the officer that fired the fatal shot is on trial together with the driver of the van and an alleged people smuggler. Justice4Mawda demands justice and organizes (among others) debates. It is supported by The Mouvement, that has its residency at the Kaaistudio's since August 2020.

Mawda: who is guilty?

Mawda: wie is schuldig? is the first debate in different parts. The first part (in Dutch) is a debate with Moussa Don Pandzou of Waka Waka Generation; Joke Callewaert, lawyer at PLN and part of the Mawda lawyer team; a criminal law specialist and, among other things, specializes in cases of police violence victims; lawyer Kati Verstrepen specializes in immigration law and is chair of the League for Human Rights; professor Alex Vitale (USA) wrote The End of Policing, an impressive plea for the abolition of the police.

The second part (in French) is dedicated to testimonies of police violence.


Mawda: Medusa is guilty

Mawda: Medusa is schuldig is the second debate in two parts, that took place the evening before the final hearing at that time of the Mawda process. The first part (in French) is a conversation with Camille Louis (doctor in philosophy, playwright), Claire Rodier (lawyer), Selma Benkhelifa (lawyer of Mawda's familly), moderated by Rachida Aziz (writer, activist) and Frank Barat.

The second part (in Dutch and English) is a conversation with Ali Abdi (founder Ayeyo's place), Said Reza Adib (journalist) en Kishan San (researcher at Forensic Architecture), moderated by Rachida Aziz and Thomas Bellinck (theatre maker, PhD researcher).

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Mon 23.11 - Wed 09.12.20

In de nacht van 16 op 17 mei 2018 komt de tweejarige Mawda om door een politiekogel op de snelweg nabij Mons. In een minibus is ze met haar Koerdische familie op de vlucht voor alle geweld thuis. Naar een veilig land. Naar een beter leven. Maar eenzaam zal ze even later sterven in een ambulance. Haar ouders zijn dan al opgepakt en afgevoerd.