Het Toneelhuis, Wayn Traub [Antwerp]

Wayn Wash II: Jean-Baptiste

Wayn Wash II: Jean-Baptiste
Wayn Wash II: Jean-Baptiste

10.06 – 11.06.2005

The director, actor and film-maker Wayn Traub is creating a stir with his ritual theatre. His trilogy, Wayn Wash, deals with three Christian icons: Mary-Dolores, John the Baptist and (in the third part, still to be made) Mary Magdalene.

Wayn Wash II: Jean-Baptiste comprises a theatre play, an exhibition, a CD and a film, all of which are conceived around a chansonnier named Jean-Baptiste. The first step is the play, which will open in September 2004.

Jean-Baptiste is a continuation of Maria-Dolores in both form and content. Two actresses on stage act the parts of a fox and a snake who relate an animal fable in a rather strange sort of way. At the same time we are shown a modern courtroom scene on a video screen. On a second screen we see the making of the recording of the first CD by the French singer Jean-Baptiste.

It soon becomes clear that his music forms an accompaniment to both the courtroom scene and the stage, and in this way unites the different media.

concept, direction Wayn Traub
music Wim De Wilde
set & costumes Fredy Porras
live acting, text Ludmilla Klejniak, Simonne Moesen, Wayn Traub
acting in the movie Jean-Benoit Ugeux, Jean Segani, Jean Debefve, Eric Kempeneers, Rodolphe Coster, Jeroen Willems, Jan Bijvoet, Marie Lecompte, Simonne Moesen e.a.
production Het Toneelhuis
coproduction Théâtre de la Ville (Paris), Vlaams Radio Orkest