Helena Dietrich [DE]

Tumbling wor(l)ds: 22h reading the body through the body


Helena Dietrich invites artists Lili M. Rampre, Thomas Proksch, Carolina Mendonca, and Catalina Insignares to create temporary spaces at the Place de la monnaie that challenge its prevalent body politics. Over a period of 22 hours, they will guide you to investigate texts about the relationship between body definitions and environments through their bodies. By reading, listening, moving, dancing, and sleeping to feminist, queer, and occult voices, your bodies create a heterotopian space, a parallel reality at Place de la monnaie. How does the (non-)definition of what a body is impact its relationship with the environment?

> Muntpunt (Mallemuntzaal)

Transtexting (Lili M. Rampre)

 > 12 Rue des Princes

Critical Techno (Helena Dietrich & Thomas Proksch)

Useless Land (Carolina Mendonca & Catalina Insignares)

Breakfast & Closure

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Precarious Pavilions #2 – the new local
Precarious Pavilions #2 – the new local


Wed 10.10 - Sat 13.10.18

Artist-in-residence at Kaaitheater Michiel Vandevelde is touring four cities with his Precarious Pavilions. In each city, he builds a pavilion with a different artist, each time asking the question: ‘How do we deal with space and architecture in this unstable world?’ For his second pavilion in Brussels, choreographer Michiel Vandevelde and the collective 431 are coming to the Place de la Monnaie.