Romy Rüegger & Deena Abdelwahed [CH/TN/FR] presented by Q-O2

The personal and the political

The personal and the political
The personal and the political


In their performances, author and artist Romy Rüegger and electronic music performer Deena Abdelwahed reflect on ways of personal entanglement with the world and its politics, including the interpretation of history as part of the present. These performances are part of the ‘the other self’ series at Q-O2, on the relation between gender, voice, language, and identity.

Romy Rüegger is an author and artist who lives and works in Zurich. In her performances she works with layers and montages of social, historical and architectonical spaces. Deena Abdelwahed is a Tunisian DJ and electronic music performer. In March, her debut EP is going to be released on the Infiné label.

Romy Rüegger | I am the wall – where will you be main frequencies
An exploration of voice break, gendered frequencies, sounds like metal, colonial legacies in speech and listening as a positioning in space.

Deena Abdelwahed | All Hail Mother Internet
This radio art piece blends electronic music, live performance, singing, and dramatic speaking.