Bashar Murkus / Khashabi Theatre [PS]

Other Places

Other Places
Other Places


A new kind of Palestinian identity

What does Palestine mean to Palestinians who no longer live there, to the extensive Palestinian diaspora of refugees and self-imposed exiles? This the question Bashar Murkus addresses in Other Places. After stopovers in Brussels and Berlin – because exiles simply cannot or do not return – a six-member company found a form in which it could connect all these stories. The resulting mosaic articulates a new kind of Palestinian identity: one that is not bound to a territory.

• Bashar Murkus is a young Palestinian director from Haifa, a city in Israel. In 2011, he founded the Khashabi Ensemble there, to showcase the city’s rich artistic energy. Last year, Bashar Murkus presented New Middle East at Kaaitheater.

directed by Bashar Murkus | text Bashar Murkus & the project team | with Raeda Ghazaleh, Shaden Kanboura, Khuloos Basel Tannous, Husam Al-Azza, Henry Andrawes | scenography Majdala Khoury | dramaturgy Ala Hlehel | light Firas Tarabshi | production management Laura Hawa | production assistant Siwar Awwad | graphic design Nihad Awidat | media coordination Rasha Hilwi | production Khashabi Theatre, The Palestinian National Theatre – El-Hakawati | special thanks Fady Jomar, Farag Suleiman, Al-Midan Theatre, Al Yarmouk refugees camp | in collaboration with MOUSSEM, NOMADIC ARTS CENTER | support The Arab Fund For Arts and Culture – AFAC, ROSA LUXEMBURG FOUNDATION

programmaboekje - programme de salle - evening programme