Ictus [BE]

Liquid Room # 4: A History of Synchronicity

Liquid Room # 4: A History of Synchronicity
Liquid Room # 4: A History of Synchronicity


Synchronizing capacity

Ictus and the composer Paul Craenen have put together a formidable programme on the theme of the synchronizing capacity of sound. The pièce de résistance is a Dadaist ‘video clip’ by George Antheil, Fernand Léger and Dudley Murphy. As well as work by Steve Reich, Karl-Heinz Stockhausen, Peter Ablinger and Simon Steen-Andersen and a lecture-performance by choreographer Xavier Le Roy.   

As in previous editions, there will be virtually non-stop playing on four stages and the public is free to walk in and out of the various rooms; this time there are also performances in between the stages, outside the hall and together with the public.


Freude (2005) by Karl-Heinz Stockhausen, one of his last compositions.

Voices and Piano by Peter Ablinger; here the piano merges seamlessly with historic voice recordings by Hanna Schygulla, Jacques Brel, Bertolt Brecht and others.

Self-Simulator by Simon Steen-Andersen; using video goggles and a webcam you see yourself as a 'third person', welcome to your own virtual reality!

Four Organs (1970) by Steve Reich, the ultimate desynchronization in a wonderful composition for four electric organs and maracas, performed simultaneously on the four stages.

Ballet Mécanique (1924) by the composer George Antheil and the painter/film-makers Fernand Léger and Dudley Murphy, this time in a contemporary version; a distant forerunner of today’s rock music videos.

lecture-performance by the choreographer Xavier Le Roy on synchronising body, sound and image, drawn from recent productions.

Ictus  4 percussionists, 2 harpists, 2 pianists, 1 guitarist | conductor Georges-Elie Octors | lecture-performance Xavier Le Roy