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Let your imagination run wild (0-12 years old) by Leen De Graeve en Sarah Bourgeois

Let your imagination run wild (0-12 years old)
Let your imagination run wild (0-12 years old)


Afternoons for the whole family!
A workshop for your children, a show for you.

On five Sunday afternoons, we are organizing exciting workshops for children aged 4-12. The very youngest kids (0>4) can play at the crèche, while you can relax and enjoy a show.

For the kids:
Theatre directors Leen De Graeve and Sarah Bourgeois will fantasize about a new land with the children, and then act out being its inhabitants. How do they greet one another, how do they treat newcomers? At the end, parents will be treated to a mini-performance!

For you:
Guy Cassiers/Toneelhuis – Mister Linh's little girl

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Guy Cassiers/Toneelhuis

Mister Linh’s Little Girl


Mister Linh’s Little Girl
Mister Linh’s Little Girl
Sun 14.01 - Sun 14.01.18

Seeking a better future for his grandchild, Mister Linh flees from a war-torn country. Koen De Sutter tells the story with all the means he has at his disposal: text, words, images, music, sound, projections... But this is also a play about loneliness, about the desire to communicate with the other and not least with the audience. Are we inside the narrator’s head? Are Mister Linh and Mister Bark voices in his own head?