Kris Verdonck [Brussels]



26.02 – 27.02.2008

The machine and the dancers

Four ‘identical’ female dancers hang like marionettes in a huge ‘machine’. Together with them performance artist Kris Verdonck generated a passage of choreography: a solo, a duet, a trio and a pas de quatre. They sought the greatest possible freedom from the machine, but sooner or later it sent them in the direction it decided upon. The images evoked by I/II/III/IIII are confusing, many-layered and ambiguous: they remind us of the white birds in Swan Lake and also of animal carcases being dragged along, hovering angels, falling human bodies and everything in between.

concept & direction Kris Verdonck
dramaturgy Marianne Van Kerkhoven (Kaaitheater)
with Annabelle Chambon, Claire Croizé, Alix Eynaudi, Gemma Higginbotham, Nikoleta Rafaelisova, Eveline Van Bauwel   

Serge Grootaert, Simon Salaert, Bart Verhaegen
live music Stefaan Quix
light design Luc Schaltin (Kaaitheater)
costumes Shampoo & Conditioner
construction Hans Luyten (PlasmaMagma), Dirk Lauwers (dna)
production Margarita Production for stilllab vzw
thanks to Han Wannemakers (Frontline Rigging), Raphaël Rubbens, Theater Gasthuis (NL)
coproduction Kaaitheater (B), Kunstencentrum Vooruit (B), Buda kunstencentrum (B)
with support from the Flemish Government