Toneelhuis/Guy Cassiers/Josse De Pauw [BE]

Duister Hart

Duister Hart
Duister Hart

19.04 – 21.04.2012

Heart of Darkness is without doubt the most famous work by the Polish-English writer Joseph Conrad (1857-1924). This ‘parable’ has inspired many artists, a.o. Francis Ford Coppola (Apocalypse Now). Duister hart is Josse De Pauw’s adaptation of Conrad’s novella, in which he also performs on stage, directed by Guy Cassiers. 

Marlow, the narrator of the story, is looking for the reprobate agent Kurtz who is somewhere in the bush. Kurtz is able to collect and deliver far more ivory than any other agent, but the profits he makes are apparently gained through cruel and illegal practices. Deep in the jungle he has built his paradise. The expedition finally arrives there only to find that Kurtz is dying. He speaks his last words on life and his life: ‘The horror! The horror!’ Marlow brings Kurtz’ ‘legacy’ to ‘the civilized world’...

In 2009 Josse De Pauw and Guy Cassiers tackled an impressive adaptation of yet another masterpiece of world literature: Under the Volcano by Malcolm Lowry. In Duister hart, the storyteller Josse De Pauw adds yet another title to his long list of monologues.

direction Guy Cassiers | text  Josse De Pauw | after Joseph Conrad |
Erwin Jans | with Josse De Pauw | design Guy Cassiers, Enrico
Bagnoli | lighting design Enrico Bagnoli | sound design Diederik De
Cock | video design Arjen Klerkx | costumes Kristin Van Passel,
Charlotte Willems | make-up Ingeborg Van Eetvelde | production
Toneelhuis (Antwerp) | co-production Théâtre de la Ville (Paris),
Festival d’Automne (Paris)