BL!NDMAN [hybrid] [BE]




An unstoppable factory happening

Eric Sleichim takes a closer look at Russian Futurism. His partners in crime are the versatile singer Claron McFadden, cellist Jörg Brinkmann and turntable wizard Matthew Wright. The music is created partly by improvisation and is inspired by such futurist composers as Lourié, Gnesin and Goedicke, as well as other composers who were influenced by Futurism such as Stravinsky, Prokofiev and Antheil. Russian Futurism disconnects language from substantive meaning, accompanied by merry song, recitation and shouting. The futurist writers discussed include Mayakovski, Kamenski and Pasternak.

The penchant for mechanisms and movement is expressed by self-generating sound objects, thunder sheets, reinforcing bars, megaphones, cooking utensils and so on. The fascination with mechanics, motion and speed is translated by Theremins, loudspeakers and self-generating sound objects, turntables and pure sinus waves. The deep gurgling sounds of noise machines (see the intonarumori by the Italian futurist Russolo) are created by the bass tuba and Tubax (bass saxophone).

Experience a concert like an unstoppable factory happening!

voice Claron McFadden | turntables, tuba, electronics Matt Wright | cello Jörg Brinkmann | saxophones, electronics Eric Sleichim