Yipoon Chiem




B**** is as much an intimate moment as a performance, which paves the way for female victims of violence to an individual and collective consciousness. ‘This work is a tribute... to remind us of dignity by using the same tools used by certain BEINGS from the past, as these WOMEN today. Imagination, determination, belief, projection, ritual, avoidance, acceptance, adaptation, courage, strength, physicality, to bring these tools, these weapons in the bodies of the women we are, to reason.'

It is a journey of initiation based on the loss of the soul's sense of purpose, on moral harassment that makes you lose your head and makes you angry without having the strength to do anything. This anger locks us into mental prisons, with voices, and destructive words that chant like mantras, hypnotising us to the edge of the abyss. But these voices are only the interpretation we have given to them.

This solo sweeps away all the illusions that have led us to keep fighting against all odds. It is the story of the hell in which a young woman is trapped by her anger and her outward image.


• Yipoon Chiem, a Belgian of Khmer descent, who takes her inspiration from martial arts such as Kung-fu and classical Khmer dance. Starting from hip-hop and breakdance, she creates her own style, a fusion of different influences. A multidisciplinary artist with a creative spirit, she not only dances but also collaborates musically with local and international groups, rapping, singing and other vocal expressions.

dramaturgy, stage design & choreography Yipoon Chiem | set & costume design Caroline Fainke | videos Elen Sylla Grollimund | lighting Lucien Elskens | coaches Mike Van Alfen / Alesandra Seutin  | music Torben Hens / Louc Sadu / Yipoon | with the support of Citylab Pianofabriek, Lezarts Urbains, KVS, Stad Brussel, Mestizo Arts Platform, Rataplan & Zinnema