Emi Kodama

Beyond the buildings, the clouds are a mountain range

14.03 – 17.03.2019

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We usually hang the hammock late spring after our winter coats have been put away for good. Recently, the days have become noticeably longer in the evening. I lie on the hammock after dinner. In the fading light, the new leaves overhead slowly darken to a deep green. They seem to forecast summer as the canvas warms against my back.

'In my storytelling, I have been considering people’s bodies and their role in immersing them in the narrative. Guiding people’s physical experience of the performance conveys the story by means other than words. Taking into account the way visitors are positioned and being conscious of what they see and hear has added new dimension to my storytelling. This performance has been developed while sharing my artistic practice with the guests of TOPAZ (VUB), a palliative day-care center for people with terminal illnesses. During Performatik, I invite you to listen to a story from the comfort of a hammock. Suspended in the air, the day left at the door, you will travel to different destinations in your imagination.'

• Canadian artist Emi Kodama has been living and working in Belgium, since graduating from HISK (Ghent), the Frank Mohr Institute (Groningen) and ArtEZ Institute of the Arts (Enschede). She has a multidisciplinary practice including video, photography, drawing, writing, and performance.

technical support Elias Heuninck | supported by IN/FINITY & the Flemish Community | thanks to Elias Heuninck, Sam Vanroose, Marnix Rummens

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Quelles lignes thématiques peut-on tirer entre l’art et les soins ? L’exposition Through Art We Care présente les trajets de dix artistes d’IN/FINITY qui ont travaillé pendant trois ans avec des patients du centre de jour pour soins palliatifs TOPAZ. En même temps, il y a aussi de la latitude pour le lien entre l’art et l’humanité à partir du point de vue de l’artiste.