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Shared horizon

Obtaining and sharing information, campaigning, making friends, dating, working, gaming… we are increasingly doing these things online. Hardware, apps and digital alter egos are giving new meanings to commitment, cooperation and connections between people. What are the implications of this digital reality for building a shared horizon?

After decades of individualization and fragmentation, one of the biggest challenges of our age is a new definition of ‘a we’. What does ‘together’ mean today, and what can we ‘achieve together’? These questions are not only being addressed in the public debate but also in very concrete initiatives, such as citizens’ co-ops for example. Ecopolis 2017 investigates ways in which the digitization of society can contribute to new forms of collectiveness. How can this digitization play a role in the transition to a more social and ecological society?

• Ecopolis is the annual encounter for people working on a sustainable future. This third edition is again bringing together national and international experts for a day of inspiring debates, workshops and documentaries.

With Kate Raworth, Aral Balkan, Hanan Challouki, Luise Tremel, Gustavo Illescas, Alicja Gescinska, Jeroen Olyslaegers, Gaea Schoeters, Hans Bogaert, Wouter van Noort, Karel Verhoeven, Sarit Michaeli, Muhammad Rabbani (CAGE), Ana Naomi de Sousa (Forensic Architecture), and many others.

This year, Ecopolis will also feature artistic performances by CREWBenjamin Vandewalle & HelloYouTube.


Ecopolis 2017 - Tools for democracy from Kaaitheater on Vimeo.

Ecopolis 2017 - Media in Digital Times from Kaaitheater on Vimeo.

Ecopolis 2017 - Big Data from Kaaitheater on Vimeo.

organisation Het Groene Boek vzw | partners Kaaitheater, Crosstalks, Denktank Oikos, Kunstenpunt/Flanders Arts Institute, Passa Porta, Broederlijk Delen, Etopia | in association with Vormingplus | cofunded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, GEF & Triodos | support De Standaard

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