WIPCOOP Brussel 2021 by Mestizo Arts Platform

WIPCOOP Brussel 2021
WIPCOOP Brussel 2021

27.10 – 28.10.2021

For the sixth year in a row, WIPCOOP is coming to Brussels. Artists from the Brussels scene will show their Work In Progress to an audience of professionals and curious onlookers, including at Kaaistudios. Where are they at with the development of their new stage creations?

A total of six artists or collectives each show 30 minutes of their Work In Progress. Afterwards they will talk to dramaturges, workshops, producers and programmers about the work shown and possible support.. During these moments, other artists talk about new work, new initiatives or projects with the audience in artist talks.

• WIPCOOP – the Work In Progress Cooperative of Mestizo Arts Platform – is an all-year-round development project in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Mechelen. Using the power of co operation, they want to make new artistic work visible, set up a dialogue around it and match artists and organisations so that this work can be further developed and performed once it is finished. WIPCOOP = making space for new voices, stories, forms and languages in the performing arts.

Also discover an exciting evening programme with new work by WIPCOOP → #PLAYS in KVS with Awoulath Alougbin met Aro Ilè (27 & 28.10),  a double bill with work by Tomas Natamashikiro - Bully and Les Mybalés and Ester Nadal with Le vide (30.10).  The 4th and 5th of november they will present Ourangan by  Ilyas Mettioui & Zoé Janssens/Boreal


27/10 _ 9:30 > 15:00

10:00 Jenny Onya Ambukiyenyi
11:30 Yousra Dahry (in French)
13:30 Inès El Bakari & Jad Zeitouni (in French & Dutch)
15:00 docu WIPCOOP 2020 
+ kick-off reception

28/10 _ 9:30 >15:00

10:00 Lucas Katangila
11:30 Briana Ashley Stuart
13:30 Roxane Hardy / One Nation Crew