Video, film & installations

Video, film & installations
Video, film & installations

11.03 – 14.03.2014

Şükran Moral [TK/I]
The Turkish performance artist Şükran Moral has a man wash her in a men-only hammam in Istanbul. A provocative action, but also a fine ritual with images reminiscent of the old baths in Pompeii.

Şükran Moral [TK/I]
Moral als prostituee in een bordeel. Een kritiek op de objectivering van het vrouwelijk lichaam, maar ook een reflectie op de hedendaagse kunstscène.

Zeyno Pekünlü [TK]
Erkek Erkeğe / Man To Man
What do men do when they are alone, when there are no women around? This short video film finds out on the basis of samples from about 150 films.

Zeyno Pekünlü [TK]
Erkek severse / When a Man Loves a Woman
Sunday afternoon. A middle-class couple is enjoying a rest. But their dialogue consists of pieces about violence against women taken from Turkish newspapers.

Nilbar Güres [TK]
Undressing + Yabanci / Stranger
A performance about the way images of Muslim women are often misused in the West and how they themselves suffer from racism. Most Muslim women in Europe, with or without headscarves, do not represent a country or a religion, but themselves.

Sharon Hayes [US]
Ricerche: three
A piece Hayes made for the 2013 Venice Biennale: a video based on Pasolini’s cinema vérité film Comizi d’Amore (1963). A study of the ‘sexual problem’ in the United States in 2013, based on conversations with pupils at an all-girls college.

Marie Losier [FR/USA]
Slap the Gondola!
A bizarre and poetic musical involving mermaids and fish, in addition to music and musicians. With Tony Conrad, Genesis P-Orridge and April March.

Marie Losier [FR/USA]
The ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye
Continuous + We 12 & Fr 14/03 22:00 Kaaistudio’s
A portrait of the performer and musician Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV) and Lady Jaye, centred on the daring sexual transformations they underwent for their Pandrogyne project.

Nada Gambier / Action Scénique [BE]
The Weight of Invisible Pain (Mechanics of Emotion 2013)
The words of victims of domestic violence who called a helpline are combined with photos taken in Belgium, Germany, Finland and Great Britain. A penetrating work on the complexity of our emotions and our relationship with our surroundings.