Antonija Livingstone [Montréal]

The Part

The Part
The Part

19.01 – 20.01.2007

Femme fatale and Father Christmas

The Canadian Antonija Livingstone is best known as a dancer with Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods, Benoît Lachambre and Vera Mantero. The Part is her own creation, and is a very humorous mixture of theatre, live art and dance.

Her props in this piece are an old sofa, a bottle of vodka, a wig, a beard and some homemade music. She is both femme fatale and Father Christmas, and plays effortlessly on the distinction between man and woman, switching from the ordinary to the absurd and thereby creating a world of her own where all these elements are fused into a bizarre cocktail.

Livingstone drew her inspiration for this solo piece from a workshop she attended at the Vooruit in Ghent in 2004, whose main themes were language, hypnosis, sensations and perception. This performance is part of a series of dances she made together with the New York artist Heather Kravas. It has been received enthusiastically in Belgium, Canada and France.

chorégraphie, performance, son, scénographie Antonija Livingstone
assistante artistique Heather Kravas
producteur délégué Marie-Andrée Gougeon (Daniel Léveillé danse)
soutien Canada council for the Arts, Daniel Léveillé danse company (Montréal)
remerciements à Oliver Bertrand, Heather Kravas, Vera Mantero,Meg Stuart, Benoît Lachambre, Meg Stuart, Myriam Van Imshoot, Barbara Raes, Lisa Nelson, Jonathan Inksetter, Christine Duncan, Ronnie Nilsson, Angela Wand, P. Nalle Laanela, Loup Abramovici, les Bains, L’animal â L’esquena studio, Hedvigsdal.