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The Marx Sisters

The Marx Sisters
The Marx Sisters

06.11 – 08.11.2014

The daughters of

When Karl Marx died on 14 March 1883, his daughters Laura and Eleanor were the executors of his estate. From that time onwards the sisters began their own struggle for emancipation. In imitation of her father, Eleanor mounted the barricades, but her private life was a tragedy that ended in suicide. Laura protected her father’s work as best she could but in the end, debilitated by disease, poverty and ignorance, she too committed suicide together with her husband. 

The Marx Sisters is about emancipation, self-development and self-sacrifice, ideological (and artistic) freedom, about paternalism and liberation, about work, family and children. About hustle and bustle and pressure.

• De Koe and tg STAN have performed at the forefront of theatre for more than 20 and 25 years respectively. They have created unforgettable productions such as My dinner with André and – with Discordia and Dood Paard – Beroemden, which was staged last season in the Kaaistudios. This time the cast consists of Natali Broods, Sara De Roo and Willem de Wolf. 

I march in the parade of liberty but as long as I love you I'm not free. (Sharon Hayes)

tekst Willem de Wolf | spel Natali Broods, Sara De Roo, Willem de Wolf | vormgeving en hulp Peter Van den Eede, Matthias de Koning, Damiaan De Schrijver