Leila Alice

The Home of Lilo A resting place for the exhausted ones

The Home of Lilo
The Home of Lilo


"The character Lilo Soleil
is like an alter ego
and helps me to free myself
of my greatest fantasies,
inspired by a great desire
to always be a child"
– Leila Alice

The Home of Lilo is a place for a break, a moment of rest and softness. You can drink tea, sing, and rest together with friends and loved ones.


14:30 > 17:00 tea saloon
17:00 > 19:00 karaoke
23:00 > 5:00 resting place

concept Leïla Alice @2h22 | video Leïla Alice, Amari | wall painting Maïra Villena | <3 Ange Noëlla Mukunde, Marie Umuhoza, Maria Dogahe, Lauren Lizinde