LOD / Gorges Ocloo

The Butcher de engel kwam niet

The Butcher
The Butcher

10.12 – 11.12.2022

It is 2070, 100 years after the first government reform. Belgium no longer exists and Flanders has become independent after four years of war. The families of the Polish builders and cleaners who constructed and cleaned the buildings at the time, control the country through the technologies they managed to insert. In the midst of all this, the last butcher in town and his disabled son try to survive. Gorges Ocloo directs, composes and performs in The Butcher together with Josse De Pauw. Toon Callier provides live music. 

Gorges Ocloo studied theatre directing at the RITCS and presented his graduation project Scarlet Anansi Ocloo at Kaaistudio's. Ocloo walks a diverse path from dance, performance, community arts, visual arts and scenography to composing music. Moby Dick, in which he also directed Josse De Pauw, could last year be seen at Kaaitheater and in 2020, Ocloo pronounced the State of the Union at the opening of the Theatre Festival.

"Swinging musical theatre where the images are of biblical proportions..." - The Standard

"To Ocloo, moral consignments are not an impediment but a cunning tool he plays with." - Etcetera  

presented by PeriferiK / Westrand, CC De Factorij, CC Strombeek & Kaaitheater

concept, direction, text, performance and composition Gorges Ocloo | text and performance Josse De Pauw | song (recording) Astrid Stockman | musical performance Toon Callier & Bertel Schollaert | dramaturgy Bart Capelle | composition advice Joris Minten | décor Giovani Vanhoenacker, Dirk De Haes & De Muur | costume s Freya Proost | childrens’ choir o.l.v. Kapinga Gysels | mens’ choir Joris Minten & Tom Olaerts | composition advice Joris Minten | lights Pino Etz | sound Jannes Dierynck | drawing intro Paul Contryn | Flemish Radio Sofie Decleir | Polish Radio Ryszard Turbiasz | masks Nathalie Gybels |child’s voice Pien Callier | text fragment from Frygt og Baeven by Kierkegaard | production support Eva De Wolf | production LOD muziektheater | with thanks to Erik Bogaerts & Ruben Bongaerts | with the support of the TAX Shelter measure of the Belgian Federal Government | tax shelter partner Flanders Tax Shelter