Charlotte Vanden Eynde [BE]

Shapeless + I'm Sorry It's (Not) A Story

Shapeless + I'm Sorry It's (Not) A Story
Shapeless + I'm Sorry It's (Not) A Story

21.01 – 22.01.2016

Charlotte times two

Whether she involves herself in a dance performance, a performance, an installation or a video, the work of Charlotte Vanden Eynde (ex-PARTS) is always recognizably ‘Charlotte’. She explores the visual and expressive possibilities of the body and does so with intelligence and humour. We present a revival of two solos.

In I'm Sorry It's (Not) A Story (2009), she gives shape to her associative visual language in pure movement and dance. She experiments with meaning and emotion, but keeps the spectator guessing about what he sees. I'm Sorry It's (Not) A Story is a story that is not a story yet nevertheless becomes one... for those who so wish.

If in I’m Sorry It’s (Not) A Story, the focus was on meaning, in Shapeless (Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2011) she focuses on form. She departs from the purely physical, formal and dynamic aspects of movement. She explores the boundaries of abstraction, but does not exclude emotion. Music, sound and light play more than a supporting role. The physical remains her starting point, but she consciously seeks a kind of ‘formlessness’, the chaotic and elusive, ‘form that is not form.’


I’m Sorry It’s (Not) A Story
choreography & dance Charlotte Vanden Eynde | coach Nada Gambier| lighting design Ann-Sophie Hoste | lighting & technique Elke Verachtert | music Brigitte Fontaine, Où Vas-Tu Petit Garçon, Lhasa, De Cara a la Pared/Face to the Wall, remixed by David De Beukelaer | production wp Zimmer for Filter vzw | co-production Kaaitheater, Vooruit (Gent) | collaboration BUDA (Kortrijk), STUK (Leuven) | support Flemish Government

choreography, dance & music mix Charlotte Vanden Eynde | coaching Nada Gambier | lighting & technique Bert Vermeulen, Elke Verachtert | costume Juliette Bogers | music excerpts Einstürzende Neubauten (‘Das Schaben’, ‘Stahlversion’, ‘Der Leere Raum’, ‘Yü-Gung’ (Adrian Sherwood-Mix), ‘Silence is Sexy’, ‘The Garden’), Hans Appelqvist (‘Jag En Gök’), John Zorn (‘Archery Rehearsal: Part 1’), Brigitte Fontaine (‘Premier Juillet’), Nicolas Collins (‘Tromba Marina A Cora’) and Shock Exchange (‘Just A Dream’) | production wp Zimmer (Antwerpen) | co-production Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels) | support BUDA (Kortrijk), Vooruit (Gent) & STUK (Leuven) | support Flemish Government | thanks Marc Vanrunxt, Maya Wilsens, Etienne Guilloteau & Willem Vanden Eynde