Martin Nachbar + Bo Wiget [Berlin]

Repeater + Massarbeit

Repeater + Massarbeit
Repeater + Massarbeit

04.12 – 05.12.2008


In Repeater, the German choreographer Martin Nachbar, once a student at PARTS and a dancer with Les Ballets C. De la B., shares the stage with his father. They explore the father-son relationship. In recent years it has undergone a great many changes, both in the family and in society. In this performance it is not so much the son who imitates the father as the other way round. Can the father learn the son’s way of moving?


Bo Wiget is a cellist, improviser, performer, composer and anti-nationalist. That’s what it says on his home page. And he is a father too. Massarbeit (‘made to measure’) is Wiget’s first music and dance performance.

‘Massarbeit’ was the word on the hangers in the clothing company Wiget’s grandfather and great-grandfather ran until 1971. Wiget’s forebears lived an orderly life, structured by the choreography of the daily work in the clothing workshop. Massarbeit is a choreographic work to listen to, a danced piece of clothing from a radio, a ‘disorderly’ song, a performance about measure and music, dance and work and kinship, performed by Wiget and his seven-year-old daughter Antonia.

Wiget was a musician in Meg Stuart’s Visitors Only and performed in Auf den Tisch together with Martin Nachbar.

FREE! Your ticket for Repeater + Massarbeit by Nachbar & Wiget is also valid for Sight is the sense that dying people tend to lose first by Tim Etchells/Jim Fletcher at the Beursschouwburg, on Friday 5 December, at 10.30 p.m.  

Repeater: concept Martin Nachbar | by Klaus Nachbar, Martin Nachbar | co-production brut (Vienna), FFT (Düsseldorf), Sophiensaele (Berlin) | support Hauptstadtkulturfonds (Berlin)

Massarbeit: with Bo Wiget & Antonia Brunner | co-production tanzhaus (Zurich) | thanks to Andreas A. Müller, Eva Brunner, Antonija Livingstone, Tanzfabrik u. Ludger Orlok, Vania Rovisco, Joséphine Evrard