dance films



Before and after the performances at the Kaaitheater you can watch a superb selection of dance films and videos in the foyer:

Chantal Akerman: 'Un Jour Pina a demandé' (BE/FR, 1982, 59')
Remarkable documentary by Belgian director Chantal Akerman who films Pina Bausch and her company on tour in Germany, Italy and France. A fascinating insight into the German choreographer's approach to technique, emotion, subjectivity and rehearsals. 

Charles Atlas: 'Merce Cunningham, une vie de danse' (US/FR/GB, 2000, 90', ov English, st French)
In the course of unpublished discussions, filmed archives of his shows, anecdotes and interviews, Merce Cunningham revisits his past: his decisive meeting with Martha Graham in the 40’s, his very radical choreographic experiences in the 50’s and 60’s, his affinity for dadaism and Marcel Duchamp, his long collaboration with John Cage, his research with software consecrated to dance… These interviews with his close collaborators (dancers, choreographers, musicians, painters, composers) and with his students give yet another perspective on his work.

Nam June Paik / Shigeko Kobuta: 'Merce by Merce by Paik' (US, 1978, 29', English)
A two-part tribute to choreographer Merce Cunningham and artist Marcel Duchamp. The first section, 'Blue Studio: Five Segments', is an innovative work of video-dance produced by Merce Cunningham and videomaker Charles Atlas. Cunningham choreographed the dance specifically for the two-dimensional video monitor screen. Atlas uses a variety of video imaging effects, including chromakey, to electronically transport Cunningham's studio performance into a series of outdoor landscapes. The audio track includes the voices of John Cage and Jasper Johns. The second part, produced by Paik and Shigeko Kubota, further queries the relationship between everyday gestures and formal notions of dance. The tape includes snapshots of the New York art world, a rare interview with Marcel Duchamp by Russell Connor, and a meeting between Jasper Johns and Leo Castelli.

Walter Verdin: 'Goldberg Variations' (BE, 1993)
American dancer and choreographer Steve Paxton improvises on Bach's Goldberg Variations, played by Glenn Gould, in a film by Belgian video artist Walter Verdin.

Sonia Schoonejans: 'Un siècle de danse' (BE/FR, 1992-93, French)
Documentary on the dance history of the 20th century, in 4 episodes:
1. Du romantisme au néo-classique : le Ballet classique en Europe (50’)
2. De l’académisme au classique abstrait : le Ballet classique aux Etats-Unis (54’)
3. De la danse libre au tanztheater : l’expressionnisme allemand (51’)
4. De la modern à la post-modern : la danse moderne aux Etats-Unis (53’)


direction Charles Atlas | with excerpts from 'Totem Ancestor' (1942), 'Four Walls' (1944), 'Septet' (1953), 'Minutiae' (1954), 'Changeling' (1957), 'Antic Meet' (1958), 'Summerspace' (1958), 'Suite for two' (1958), 'Rune' (1959), 'Crises' (1960), 'Music Walk with Dancers' (1960), 'Story' (1963), 'Winterbranch' (1964), 'Paired' (1964), 'Variations 5' (1965), 'How to Pass, Kick, Fall and Run' (1965), 'Place' (1966), 'Scramble' (1967), 'Rainforest' (1968), 'Walkaround Time' (1968), 'Signals' (1970), 'Second Hand' (1970), 'Landrover' (1972), 'Solo' (1974), 'Blue Studio: Five Segments' (1975), 'Torse' (1976), 'TRavelogue' (1977), 'Exchange' (1978), 'Tango' (1978), 'Locale' (1979), 'Channels / Inserts' (1981), 'Fifty Looks' (1982), 'Roaratorio' (1983), 'Seoul Event' (1984), 'Points in Space' (1986), 'Beach Birds for Camera' (1992), 'Enter' (1992), 'CRWDSPCR' (1993), 'Hand Drawn Spaces' (1997), 'Scenario' (1997), 'Pond Way' (1998), 'Just Dancing' (1999), 'Occasion Piece' rehearsal (1999) | co-production La Sept ARTE, INA, Thirteen/WNET New York, BBC, N.P.S. | in collaboration with Merce Cunningham Dance Foundation | deleguated producer Institut National de l'Audiovisuel

choreography Merce Cunningham | direction Nam June Paik, Shigeko Kobuta | music David Held, Earl Howard, John Cage | host Russell Connor | camera Bob Harris | production Merce Cunningham Dance Company |

dance improvisation Steve Paxton | music J.S. Bach ‘Goldberg Variations’, Aria & Variations 1-15, played by Glenn Gould (1982) | camera Serge Everdepoel | sound Bart Vanvoorden | Hi 8 Anne Van Aerschot | electrician Inne Box | technical assistance Paul Bruinsma, Piet De Koster | dramaturgy Marianne Van Kerkhoven | musical advice Kaat De Windt | editing and mixing Walter Verdin | post-production Audiovisuele Dienst KULeuven | mastered at Ace Editing Facilities (Brussels) | production office Celesta Rottiers, Eric Krols | production manager Koen Bauwens | director’s assistant Anne Van Aerschot | directed by Walter Verdin, with the co-operation of Steve Paxton | production Kaaitheater | co-production The Kitchen (New York), Audiovisuele Dienst KULeuven, Hebbeltheater (Berlin), Felix Meritis (Amsterdam), Nederlands Instituut voor de Dans (Amsterdam) | in collaboration with Antwerpen 93 Cultural Capital of Europe, The Dance Program at The National Endowment for the Arts | produced by Hugo De Greef for Kaaitheater (Brussels), Steve Gross and Barbara L. Tsumagari for The Kitchen (New York), Johan Van Heddegem for Audiovisuele dienst KULeuven | based on the live performance ‘The Goldberg Variations’ by J.S. Bach, played by Glenn Gould in 1982 and 1955, improvised by Steve Paxton | filmed at Felix Meritis Concert-Hall (Amsterdam, April 1992) | thanks to Peter Missotten, Guido De Bruyn, Dirk Leunis, Annie Declerck, Rob Klooster, Koen Van Daele, Jan Ryckaert, Eric de Dobbelaere, Lisa Nelson, Matthias Vanbuel, Sony Classical, everybody at Kaaitheater and Felix Meritis