Theater Malpertuis

Recht zal zijn wat ik zeg!

Recht zal zijn wat ik zeg!
Recht zal zijn wat ik zeg!


Very topical

Are the vote attractors successful because they are able to speak so well? And who gives the politicians their credit? Is it the journalists, the people, the television programmes or the ratings?

Recht zal zijn wat ik zeg! is based on a people’s assembly that actually took place in ancient Greece. The Ancient Greek text is still very topical and raises questions about the left and right wing, about the how and why of democracy, and the responsibility of the politician as well as that of the citizen. 

Following the federal elections on Sunday 25th May 2014, Malpertuis will be touring several towns and cities with this acclaimed performance. Each performance will be followed by a moderated discussion between a different politician and the audience. Lannoo Uitgeverij will be publishing a book in which these same and other politicians formulate an answer to the most pressing questions in the performance. The book will be on sale after the performance, including the ancient Greek text of Recht zal zijn wat ik zeg!

van en door Thomas Janssens & Matthias Meersman | regie Piet Arfeuille | productie Theater Malpertuis (Tielt)