DD Dorvillier & Sébastien Roux/human future dance corps [US/FR]

Only One of Many

Only One of Many
Only One of Many

27.04 – 28.04.2018

Dance 1, Dance 2, Music 1, Music 2

How does your perception of a dance or music sequence change when it is combined with a different choreography or a different musical composition? In Only One of Many, composer Sébastien Roux and choreographer DD Dorvillier invite you to experience the six possible pairs of four elements: Dance 1, Dance 2, Music 1, Music 2. What meanings, impressions and images are conjured, and what unexpected relationships to listening and looking are stirred?

• DD Dorvillier is originally from Puerto Rico. She currently lives in France, after living and working for many years in New York. As a choreographer, she focuses on the relationship between abstraction, physicality, perception and meaning. Last season, during Performatik17, Dorvillier presented A catalogue of steps in A week of steps at the Villa Empain. For the past few years, Dorvillier has collaborated closely with the French sound artist and composer Sébastien Roux. In his works he experiments with listening conditions, with the concept of soundscape, and with composition using formal constraints.

movement DD Dorvillier | sound Sébastien Roux | light Thomas Dunn | performers DD Dorvillier, Cecilia Lisa Eliceche (replacing Katerina Andreou), Ayşe Orhon | costumes construction Annabelle Locks, Germana Tack | interns Emilie Gregersen, Félicie Barbey | technical director Nicolas Barrot | company manager Laura Aknin | production human future dance corps | co-production gmem-CNCM-marseille, Pôle Arts de la Scène – Friche la Belle de Mai,  CCN Ballet de Marseille, les Spectacles vivants - Centre Georges Pompidou | residencies CSC Garage Nardini (Bassano del Grappa), BUDA Arts Center (Kortrijk) | support DRAC Île-de-France, Fondation Nuovi Mecenati, DICRéAM (CNC), La Ménagerie de Verre (Studiolabs), CND Pantin

Within the context of EXTRA, with the support of the Service de Coopération et d’Action culturelle of the French Embassy in Belgium.

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