Hans Achterhuis [NL]

On violence

On violence
On violence


In his book Met alle geweld: Een filosofische zoektocht (2008), the Dutch philosopher Hans Achterhuis tried to understand violence in all its forms. In this talk he reviews that analysis in the light of the extreme violence of recent times.

Subsequently, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Music Fund. This humanitarian project gives music instruments a second life in Africa, the Middle East and Central America. Following Achterhuis' talk, a debate must shed light on the impact of music on violence and social discrimination.

We end the evening with live music. Globe Aroma presents the Syrian-Iranian Wassel Trio.
This evening is made possible by SIMM. This research centre of the Ghent University Association studies the social influence of making music. From 5 to 7 October, you are welcome on the very first SIMM-posium in Ghent.

Panel Geoffrey Baker (UK), François Matarasso (UK), Gloria Patricia Zapata Restrepo (Colombia), Nabeel Aboud Ahskar (Israel/Palestine), Lukas Pairon (BE)