Eszter Salamon & Boglàrka Börcsök [FR/DE]

MONUMENT 0.5: The Valeska Gert Monument

MONUMENT 0.5: The Valeska Gert Monument
MONUMENT 0.5: The Valeska Gert Monument

18.10 – 19.10.2018

If there is one dance artist that deserves a monument, it is certainly the German Valeska Gert (1892-1978). Her fearless, provocative performances, her love of the grotesque and burlesque, her preference for the marginal and her search for a new presentation of the body, undoubtedly make her one of the most important artists of her time.
The emphasis of Eszter Salamon’s MONUMENT series is not on tribute or commemoration, however. Her primary aim is to enable us to deal with history in a different way. Consequently, she does not limit The Valeska Gert Monument to re-enactments and historical documents. Along with Boglàrka Börcsök, she translates an energy from the past to the present. They give their art-historical discourse an autobiographic touch and fill historical gaps with their own imagination. This speculative approach to history results in unexpected meanings and references to the present.

• Eszter Salamon is a regular guest at Kaaitheater, with impressive performances such as Magyar Tàncok, TALES OF THE BODILESS, and Monument 0: Haunted by wars (1913-2013).

artistic direction Eszter Salamon
| artistic collaboration Boglàrka Börcsök
| choreography & text Boglàrka Börcsök, Valeska Gert, Eszter Salamon | with Boglàrka Börcsök, Eszter Salamon
| light design, scenography Sylvie Garot
| sound design Bart Aga, Marius Kirch
| technical direction Matteo Bambi | costume design Anne-Catherine Kunz
| tailor Marie Eva Rodriguez, Gisèle Charles | set Construction Atelier de Nanterre-Amandiers | production & organization Botschaft GbR, Alexandra Wellensiek, Studio E.S, Elodie Perrin | co-production Kaaitheater, PACT Zollverein, City of Women,
Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers, Fund for Dance | support Fondation Boghossian - Villa Empain, Museum der Moderne Salzburg, DRAC - Regional Agency of Cultural Affairs in Paris, The French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ, Fonds Transfabrik – Franco-German fund for the performing arts | thanks to Stefanie Lingener, Herman Sorgeloos, Liza Baliasnaja, Mario Barrantes Espinoza, Nestor Garcia Diaz, Marie Messien, Robin Diehl

programmaboekje - programme de salle - evening programme