Laura van Dolron [NL]

Mijn naam is Rachel Corrie

Mijn naam is Rachel Corrie
Mijn naam is Rachel Corrie


Human shield

In 2003 Rachel Corrie travelled to Gaza to work as a volunteer giving aid to Palestinian civilians in the conflict with Israel. She died in Rafah when she threw herself as a human shield in the path of an approaching Israeli army bulldozer. The army classified it as an accident but bystanders contradicted this.

The British actor Alan Rickman and playwright Katherine Viner wrote My name is Rachel Corrie using Corrie’s diaries and correspondence. The play caused a great deal of commotion in England (premiere 2005) and America because of its political overtones and outspoken stance. 

Now Laura Van Dolron too is taking the bit between the teeth. She gives a powerful and sincere voice to this 23-year-old American peace activist and makes room for the doubts and paradoxes that confront us all from time to time: what is our position in this world, where large groups of people are unable to protect themselves? Should we all stand on the barricades or are there other ways to get your voice heard?  

vertaling & spel Laura van Dolron | tekst Alan Rickman, Katherine Viner

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