Bryana Fritz & Thibault Lac



24.03 – 25.03.2023

In their latest performance, Bryana Fritz and Thibault Lac placed the figure of Don Quixote at the centre of the show. Miguel de Cervantes' legendary figure is known for his battle with the windmills, and the madness he constantly finds himself in. Reality and fiction constantly intertwine there.   

Fritz and Lac also take a look at Don Quixote, which was a dream by cult writer Kathy Acker and at composer Jacques Ibert and which places Quixote between life and death: "a spirit in life and real in death." Fritz and Lac draw out this ambiguity. What is real and what is representation in theatre? Where is that boundary in real life? What about in the digital world?  

In Knight-Night, two dancers move on a barely delineated scene, testing its limits and mechanisms. With song, text, costumes and choreography, they play a game of gaze with the audience while evoking an imagined landscape of fantastic situations. Images and narratives appear but are never stable or solid. They do influence each other, again and again.  

Bryana Fritz is a choreographer, dancer and writer working on the border between poetry, performance, desktop choreography and dance. At Performatik19, she showed Submission submission. As a dancer, she regularly appears in the work of Michiel Vandevelde. 

• Thibault Lac is an architect, dancer and writer and has collaborated with Ligia Lewis, Noé Soulier, Eleanor Bauer, Daniel Linehan and Alexandra Bachzetsis and many more. Those who saw Trajall Harrel's The Köln Concert at Kaaitheater in 2021 witnessed his charismatic presence and performance. 

concept and interpretation Bryana Fritz and Thibault Lac | artistic consultant Stephen Thompson | light Alice Panziera | sound Tobias Koch | technical manager François Boulet | executive producer CN D Centre national de la danse | co-produced by Cndc-Angers, Centre chorégraphique national de Caen en Normandie, Ballet national de Marseille, Centre chorégraphique national d’Orléans, Charleroi Danse, Actoral – festival international des arts & des écritures contemporaines.