Carolyn Steel & Brigitte van der Sande [GB]

Hungry City

Hungry City
Hungry City


Carolyn Steel follows the trail of our food, from countryside to city, via markets and supermarkets, kitchens and dining rooms, waste disposal and back. She asks herself how we can use food more effectively to better understand our cities, to improve their design, and to make them into more pleasant places to live. She sketches a clear picture of how modern food production impacts our planet and our lives, offering insights into how things were allowed to get this far, and suggesting where we should go from here.
Carolyn Steel will present her work and join a conversation with Brigitte van der Sande.

• Carolyn Steel is an architect and writer. She has taught at the London School of Economics, London Metropolitan University and Cambridge University. Hungry City (2008) is an enthusiastic, visionary, unmissable book and international bestseller.

• Brigitte van der Sande is chief editor of Food for the City. A Future for the Metropolis (NAi Publishers & Stroom Den Haag).
This book, a sequel publication to Carolyn Steel's Hungry City, presents thirteen visions from across the world on the future of food in the city in the year 2050.