Inne Goris/LOD muziektheater & HETPALEIS [BE]

Huis (8+)

15.02 – 16.02.2018

Behind the façade

A block with a triangle on it: the prototype of a house as drawn by a child. It might be a safe haven, a place of intimacy and protection, but the façade might also conceal misery. Huis invites you to step inside and to see and hear the things that usually remain hidden. Wearing headphones, you can discover the space by yourself. Who lives there? What do they think and do? And why is it often so quiet? Huis explores the dark corners of life and the ways different people try to cope with them. As the daughter of a mother who suffered from severe depression, Inne Goris’ Huis is a deeply personal production for both adults and children.

• In her work, Inne Goris always seeks to uncover what is hidden, and she never avoids difficult questions. She shows both human resilience and forcefulness. She has previously graced the Kaaitheater stage with Nachtevening (2009) and Zonder bloed (2016).

concept Inne Goris | installation Stef Stessel, Koen Broos | text Laura Broekhuysen | composition Wouter Snoei | musical direction Romain Bischoff | voice daughter Ella Voet | voice mother (registration) Lotte Heijtenis | realisatie decor hetpaleis & De Brug | technische coördinatie Nic Roseeuw, Erik Moonen | techniek Pino Etz, Diederik Suykens | productieleiding Isabel Vermeulen, Kerensa Verhoosel | production LOD muziektheater & HETPALEIS | co-production Silbersee