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Hocus Focus

Hocus Focus
Hocus Focus


Led by the director and artist Ann Van de Vyvere (Firma Irma), a group of ‘observers’ has been studying reality in all its forms. Together, they bring surrealism to reality. The aim is to broaden the audience’s individual and collective perspective. How can we be sure of what we know? What is the real world and how should we perceive it? How do we measure what is normal and what is not? What is the standard for all things? Hocus Focus explores the boundary between the enthralling reality and real science.

The stories of the participants and the works they generate during the study have been published in a book.

‘Are you really sure that a floor can't also be a ceiling? ‘ M.C. Escher

a project by Irma Firma vzw | concept & direction Ann Van de Vyvere | participants Alexandre
Pouliakis, Joris Bruininckx, Dett Peyskens, Patrice Vareltzis, Beniamin
Boar, Mohammed Aitba, Laida Aldaz Arrieta, Caroline Fischer |  coach Veerle Kerckhoven | project coordinator Saar Van Laere |  in association with Kaaitheater, Den Teirling, Globe Aroma, Caramba Decor, Psychisch verzorgtehuis Sanatia |  support Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie  | thanks to Koen Daems, Gili, Fien Troch, Jasmina Sermijn, Elodie Di Bono, Patrick Jordens