Alix Eynaudi [AT/FR]



12.11 – 14.11.2015

An ode to fetishism

The inspiration for Edelweiss comes from rebuses. It is intended to be a precious gem inspirited by Klimt, Emilie Flöge, sport, 19th-century aquaria, babies, the 1970s, the future and the artist Fontana. As an ode to fetishism, the performance cherishes every facet of that phenomenon like an artwork.

Eynaudi cultivates affection for the skillful dedication of craftsmen – she embraces technique as a form of poetry, artistry as a form of care.

• Alix Eynaudi studied ballet at the Paris Opera and dance at PARTS. She danced with Rosas from 1996 to 2002. She creates work of her own, such as Supernaturel (2007), Long Long Short Long Short (2008, together with Agata Maszkiewicz) and Monique (2013). As a performer, she has appeared with, among others, Superamas, Boris Charmatz and Kris Verdonck.


Three PARTS-generations curate a late night-programma at the Beursschouwburg.
13/11 22:00 + 14/11 21:00.


Concept & choreography Alix Eynaudi | Performers Alix Eynaudi, Mark Lorimer, Cécile Tonizzo, Alice Chauchat | Costumes An Breugelmans | Drawings & embroidery Cécile Tonizzo | Light design Bruno Pocheron | Sound desing Alix Eynaudi, Bruno Pocheron | Production in Belgium Hiros| Production in Austria Sarah Blumenfeld (boîte de production – Verein für Zeitgenössischen Tanz und zeitgenössische Installationen) | Co-production Kunstencentrum BUDA (BE), Tanzquartier Wien (AT) | With the support of Wien Kultur, XING Bologna, l'Institut Français d'Autriche, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie | Thanks to Quim Pujol, Olivier Renouf, Nancy Banfi, our intern Naima Marilyn Mazic, Christian & Geneviève Eynaudi, Nicolas Couturier. | Music Luc Ferrari - Petite symphonie intuitive pour un paysage de printemps (Acousmatrix - The History of Electronic Music III) | Edgar Varèse - Poème Électronique (An Anthology Of Noise and Electronic Music, Vol.1) | Luc Ferrari - Presque rien avec Filles (Acousmatrix- The History of Electronic Music III)