Artemis / Jetse Batelaan

De onzichtbare man (4+)

De onzichtbare man (4+)
De onzichtbare man (4+)


Yes, that is what it says: 4+. Kaaitheater is starting an initiative that hopefully will grow into an annual tradition: every winter, we will programme a family performance in collaboration with BRONKS. Jetse Batelaan is known among young and old for his radical-absurd performances, which are both philosophical and catchy and always rattle the theatre codes. 

Two artists, one stage technician and one musician are waiting for their performance to start. Everything is in place, but where is the audience? It soon transpires that there are more questions. Whose coffee cup is that floating in the air? Which ghost is going to make off with the extension cord? The invisible man is about everything you cannot see and, secretly, about how nice it is not to be seen.

Jetse Batelaan is director and artistic director of Theatre Artemis (Den Bosch), with a unique artistic (visual) language. He has received several awards for his work at home and abroad. In 2019, for example, he won the Silver Lion for Theatre at the Venice Biennale. We remember the recent gems Het eind van het begin van het einde and Het dier, het dier en het beestje both selected for the Theaterfestival

"A daring children's show with a philosophical edge, enlivened by clever visual inventions.” – Brabants Dagblad 

presented by BRONKS & Kaaitheater

direction Jetse Batelaan | performance René van ’t Hof / René Groothof, Marijn Brussaard, Nimuë Walraven | music Keimpe de Jong in collaboration with Arend Niks | set design Theun Mosk | assistant set design Eva Koopmans | lights Bart van den Heuvel | costumes Liesbet Swings