Zita Swoon Group / Rosas [BE]

Dancing with the Sound Hobbyist

Dancing with the Sound Hobbyist
Dancing with the Sound Hobbyist


A masterly dialogue between music and dance – Zita Swoon Group and the Rosas dancer Simon Mayer achieved this onstage at the Kaaitheater two seasons ago. It was called Dancing with the Sound Hobbyist and is still an adventurous dance trip through the cosmopolitan musical world of the band led by Stef Kamil Carlens.

Since then an album of the same name has appeared on CD and vinyl and the performance continues to tour to great acclaim in Belgium and abroad. With increasing musical freedom, the Zita Swoon Group plays contrary musical works as well as melancholy songs and stirring percussion (now on an even greater range of percussion instruments and found objects) alternated with shorter intimate pieces.
The dancer Simon Mayer, who put together the original choreography together with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, is entirely at home amongst the members of the Zita Swoon Group. He moves through the various musical settings in a spontaneous and virtuoso manner.
In this way, each performance of Dancing with the Sound Hobbyist develops anew into a unique, contrary, harmonious concert.

choreography, dance, vocals, guitar Simon Mayer | choreographical advice Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker | musical direction, organ, electric and acoustic guitar, vocals Stef Kamil Carlens | percussion Aarich Jespers | vocals, xylophone, percussion, dance Kapinga Gysel | electric bass, contrabass Bart Van Lierde | grand piano, keyboard Wim De Busser | percussion Amel Serra García | vocals, xylophone, percussion, dance Eva Tshiela Gysel | violin Jeroen Baert, Yumika Lecluyze | saxophone, flute Hugo Boogaerts | production vzw Wolvin (Antwerp) in association with Rosas (Brussels) | support Vlaamse Gemeenschap