Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion [UK]

Counting To One Hundred + One Flute Note

Counting To One Hundred + One Flute Note
Counting To One Hundred + One Flute Note

07.02 – 09.02.2013


Dancer-choreographer Jonathan Burrows and composer-musician Matteo Fargion describe what they do as ‘handmade’ and ‘humanscale’. They compose their performances out of simple, non-spectacular elements. The result is a deceptive virtuosity, radiating delight even as it makes the audience think.

Over the past ten years Burrows and Fargion have created a series of duets which juxtapose the formality of music composition with a radical and open approach to performance and audiences. In Counting To One Hundred, which we already staged last season, and the new One Flute Note, they continue their dialogue with the structure of John Cage’s Lecture On Nothing. They pay homage to and question a way of thinking that has underpinned so much dance and performance over the last thirty years. 

'a challenging meditation on form and memory, but
performed with such a droll tension that it's also a deliciously
entertaining kind of dance theatre.' - Judith Mackrell, The Guardian
on One Flute Note

is as if Burrows and Fargion have fashioned a way of performing that is
a metaphor for living with more freedom within the conflicted confines
of our daily lives. - Nicholas Minns, on One Flute Note

‘What I love in fact is that the work is so abstract and at the same time so social, so human, so readable, so much based on the people, the warmth, play, discipline and inquiry you feel in their relationship.’ – Tim Etchells

‘A gestural panorama of blatant joy’ – Süddeutsche Zeitung on Counting To One Hundred

‘Op de duur gaat het een beetje dansen in je hoofd. Dat is prachtig.’ – De Morgen

'There are few performers who can hold an audience captive like this double act… the timing of every note, shrug, laugh and gesture is awesome. Five stars.' – The Guardian

concept & performance Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion | management Nigel Hinds | support Arts Council England, Kaaitheater, PACT Zollverein (Essen), Sadler's Wells Theatre (London), Teatergarsjen (Bergen)