Ahilan Ratnamohan & Globe Aroma

CANCELLED: [currently untitled process]

CANCELLED: [currently untitled process]
CANCELLED: [currently untitled process]

17.12 – 19.12.2020

Please note: this show has been cancelled to help contain the spread of the new coronavirus. 

The Brussels open arts centre Globe Aroma welcomes artists and culture lovers with a background as newcomers, refugees or asylum seekers. This season, they are collaborating with the performance maker Ahilan Ratnamohan, who since 2010 has conducted research into forms of cooperation with non-performers – particularly through football and language  training. In September 2020, Ahilan and a group of performers will start a process of which the direction has not yet been determined. In December they will take you to the point where they are at that moment.

He says: ‘Due to the lockdown, it was impossible to launch our community process, a precarious phenomenon in itself. The space this created made us reflect on how we invariably allow ourselves to be forced into the institutionalisation of Western theatre. How can we present a process this time, instead of an end product?'

• Ahilan Ratnamohan is an Australian of Sri Lankan Tamil heritage who came to Europe to work on a football career. When it did not go well, he decided to use his experiences to make theatre productions. Kaaitheater is a fixed partner for Globe Aroma’s theatre productions, and previously presented Underneath Which Rivers Flow by Jozef Wouters, Capsaicin by Michiel Soete, De Brievenschrijver by Simon Allemeersch, and Landscape Orchestra by Niko Hafkenscheid, Hedvig Biong and Pablo Castilla

‘Our collaboration has been precarised due to the lockdown. We haven't been able to start a community process – a precarious phenomenon in itself – as wished. This has given us a chance to reflect on how the structures in the arts industry push us to invariably conform to the presentation of a product in the institution of Western theatre. How will we present the process instead? – AHILAN RATNAMOHAN

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