LOD / Karine Ponties, Dominique Pauwels, Lawrence Malstaf [Ghent]



19.12 – 20.12.2007

The name of the wind

There are more than 6000 names for the wind around the world. Fascinated by this almost ‘virtual’ natural element, the choreographer Karine Ponties, composer Dominique Pauwels and artist Lawrence Malstaf are creating a performance about invisible forces and their visible traces, and on the impact of elusive energy and endless movement.

Wind is breath, so it was quite natural that the composer would end up with wind instruments. Boreas is a composition for four tubas, electronics and the powerful voice of Claron McFadden.

Four dancers choreographed by Karine Ponties give material form to the changing temperament of the wind. In the meantime the installation artist Lawrence Malstaf is working on a ‘space in motion’. The traces the dancers leave on their material surroundings are thus constantly rearranged, disrupted and erased.

choreography Karine Ponties
music Dominique Pauwels
installation Lawrence Malstaf
text Stefan Hertmans
vocals Claron McFadden
live music Ensemble Impetuo (Anthony Caillet, Guillaume Dionnet, Jérémie Dufort, Izumi Yamada)
dance Daniele Albanese, Lena Soon Hee Meierkord, Virginie Roy, Claudio Stellato
costumes Samuel Dronet
dramaturgy Bart Capelle
lighting design Marc De Wit
image Lawrence Malstaf (courtesy Galerie Fortlaan 17, Ghent)
production LOD
co-production Le Vivat (Armentières), Concertgebouw (Bruges)
La Dame de Pic/CieKarine Ponties is resident company at Théâtre Les Tanneurs