Anna Franziska Jäger & Nathan Ooms



04.02 – 05.02.2022

What is the impact of increasing digitalization on our lives? How does this omnipresence of a new digital sphere change our very ways of thinking, feeling, speaking or loving?  Meet Bartlebabe, a creature by Anna Franziska Jäger and Nathan Ooms, a figure between human and algorithm.

The twenty-first century appears obsessed with a distinctly new ideal of efficiency: constantly seeking out the next strategy to control and, if possible, market the unknown and unpredictable. Our use of language also reflects this trend: writing and speaking are becoming streamlined and standardised through all kinds of 'templates', emojis and gifs. How do these evolutions change the way we express ourselves and understand ourselves? Is there any escape? Bartlebabe unleashes a mass of online content on the analogue reality of the theatre, until it becomes so distorted that it takes on a monstrous face.

• Anna Franziska Jäger and Nathan Ooms both got their masters in Drama from the KASK Ghent. Bartlebabe was Jäger's graduation project. She has appeared in numerous films and has also been on stage in performances by Michiel Vandevelde. Ooms did an internship with Ula Sickle, and attended the STUDIOS program at PARTS. We are delighted to welcome these young makers to Kaaitheater for the first time!

[...] swirling, ironclad, cheeky, funny and sometimes naughty with pretension, Jäger's play. — KNACK FOCUS

A strong new voice in the theatre landscape. — HET NIEUWSBLAD

creation Anna Franziska Jäger & Nathan Ooms | performance Anna Franziska Jäger | mentors Bryana Fritz & Frederik Le Roy | dramaturgical advice Simon Baetens & Tom Engels | costumes & scenography Carly Rae Heathcote | technical Piet Depoortere, Korneel Coessens & Koen Goossens | production KASK Drama School of Arts & CAMPO | residency CAMPO, kunstenwerkplaats pianofabriek, Voo?uit, De School Van Gaasbeek, BUDA & Art Basics for Children | thanks to Fabrice Delecluse, Bardia Mohammad & Lander Gyselinck | CAMPO is supported by the city of Ghent & the Flemish Community