Patrick Deboosere [BE]

About Ageing

About Ageing
About Ageing


Due to the cancellation of Eszter Salamon's show MONUMENT 0.1, this introductory talk won't take place.

A spectre is once again haunting Europe: the spectre of ageing. Everyday we hear warnings about an ageing population. Patrick Deboosere is a demographer and leads the Interface Demography research group at VUB. In his book Lang Leve de Vergrijzing (‘Long Live Ageing’) he challenges the doom-mongering on the subject. Together with Deboosere’s book, we will also be presenting AGE, from the anatomy of life to the architecture of living. AGE is a new VUB-Crosstalks publication.

During the RE:MAKE-talks at 7 PM, experts find inspiration in the performance that follows.

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Eszter Salamon


MONUMENT 0.1: Valda & Gus
MONUMENT 0.1: Valda & Gus
Fri 09.12 - Sat 10.12.16

THIS SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED. For sixty years, the artistic careers of Valda Setterfield and Gus Solomons Jr. were linked to the most prominent artists and artistic developments. Eszter Salamon convinced the now 82-year old Setterfield and the 76-year old Solomon to appear on stage.