Gabino Rodriguez [MX]

Let's Say There Are A Hundred Thousand


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"A child said, ‘What is the grass?’, fetching it to me with full hands.
How could I answer the child?... I do not know.
What it is any more than he.”

• The work of Gabino Rodriguez is developed along 3  axes of research: memory, history and fiction. In 2003 he founded the collective Lagartijas tiradas al sol, with which he has developed several stage projects, although we have also published books, made films and records, and taught workshops. Lagartijas tiradas al sol work primarily on how we remember and  how these memories become History, the History of Mexico. The work was presented in Mexico and many international art houses and festivals. Next to his own work Gabino Rodriguez has acted in more than thirty feature films, with famous directors such as Nicolás Pereda, Raya Martin, Gust Van der Berghe, Diego Luna and Cary Fukunaga. He received many awards for his actorship, amongst others the Toulousse festival, Paris Cinema and Festival de Cali.

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