The Brussels-based collective CREW explores the intersection of art and science, and the performing arts and new technologies. During Ecopolis, they are presenting an ambitious, interactive experiment: With the aid of HeadSwap technology, you will make a live connection with someone else. Cameras, sensors, and other extensions will enable you to make a 360° walk around somebody else’s personal space. aims to break through entrenched conventions and transcend social barriers. Moving around a city is the first step to changing that city.

CREW wordt structureel gesubsidieerd door de Vlaamse Overheid en de Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie. 

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Digital Together

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Digital Together
Digital Together


Sun 08.10.17

Obtaining and sharing information, campaigning, making friends, dating, working, gaming… we are increasingly doing these things online. Hardware, apps and digital alter egos are giving new meanings to commitment, cooperation and connections between people. What are the implications of this digital reality for building a shared horizon?