Marc Vanrunxt [BE]



10.01 – 11.01.2013

Between micro and macro

With Zeit Marc Vanrunxt created a choreography for two exceptional dancers, Eva Kamala Rodenburg (one of Vanrunxt’s fetish dancers) and Igor Shyshko (ex-Rosas), who in this setting transform into a mythical couple. With their tall, androgynous figures they appear to be a likeness of each other, which is both differentiated and duplicated by the differences in their languages of movement.
Zeit is based on the double album of the same name by Tangerine Dream, the early electronic pop group from Germany which helped to create the basis of electronic music as we now know it, ranging from Kraftwerk and Brian Eno to Radiohead and Recoil. Like Raum (2006), Zeit is also an attempt to convert the concept of time into space and make it tangible. Zeit is about the connection between the individual and the cosmos, between micro and macro, and translates as a quest for new dimensions and ways to break out.

• Over the past twenty years Marc Vanrunxt, the Antwerp choreographer and autodidact, has developed a consistent oeuvre of great integrity in which he turns controlled energy and repetitive movement patterns into grand, universal gestures. Since 2001 the artist Koenraad Dedobbeleer has been responsible for the sets of most of Vanrunxt’s productions.

choreographer Marc Vanrunxt | dancers Eva Kamala Rodenburg, Igor Shyshko | set designer Koenraad Dedobbeleer | make-up Inge Grognard | light and technical realisation Stefan Alleweireldt | consultant Marie-Anne Schotte | production Kunst / Werk (Antwerp) | support Flemish Community | thanks Monty (Antwerp), Vooruit (Ghent) & Kaaitheater (Brussels)