Jean Luc Ducourt [Antwerp]

Works by 3/1 (preview)

Works by 3/1 (preview)
Works by 3/1 (preview)


One female, three male dancers and a piano

Next season we shall be presenting a new work by the choreographer Jean-Luc Ducourt and the pianist Alain Franco called Works by 3/1, a choreographic composition for one female and three male dancers, and a piano.

It was only a few years ago that Ducourt developed a language of movement based on classical ballet. This provides the basis for the new work too, which he conceived for three male dancers with one female dancer as a counterpoint. He injects the classical language of dance with the abstraction and architectural qualities of modern dance. Three movement idioms are combined: those of the choreographer, the dancers and the musician. Alain Franco (who was also the pianist for Rosas’ Zeitung) accompanies the performance live and will select music from the works of Karlheinz Stockhausen, Pierre Boulez, Morton Feldman and Beethoven, to which he will add improvisation and his own compositions.

Works by 3/1 opens at the Szene Festival in Salzburg on 15th July, but you will have the chance to see it in its pre-natal stages.

concept, choreography, lights Jean Luc Ducourt 
music Alain Franco (piano) 
with Christophe Carpentier, Ashley Chen, Rob Fardeyn, Aneta Zbrzezniak 
coproduction Kaaitheater, Charleroi-Danses, Szene Salzburg, Impulstanz (Vienna)